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The Crook & The Dylan’s (EP)

  1. Forgotten
  2. Far Away
  3. Ireland
  4. Silly Song

Not For Me

  1. Premier Rendez-Vous
  2. Far Away (Feat. Tedji)
  3. Not For Me
  4. Lost Lullaby
  5. Down (Feat. Liam)

Home at Last

  1. Home at last
  2. The Edge of the quay
  3. Torn once more
  4. Gone to sea
  5. Get away
  6. Irlande
  7. Uptown
  8. One last honeymoon
  9. Ode to my liver
  10. I lost my faith
  11. The Good, the bad and the ugly
  12. Cold heart ballad
  13. Baby I don’t care
  14. Hope and cry and pray
  15. Kiss me on sunday

Before The Devil Knows you’re Dead

  1. Morning Miss
  2. Evening Prayer
  3. Tales Of a Little Brat
  4. Dance Johnny Dance
  5. A Pick Of The Other Side
  6. A Drink With The Devil
  7. Among The Waves
  8. Dear Mary
  9. Sometimes In The Afternoon
  10. How’s Your Mind
  11. Sick of The Cold
  12. Finish Him
  13. Black Torn Ballad

… And Beyond

  1. On The Top Of The Hill
  2. Hopeless Times
  3. Cross Your Mind
  4. The Curse Of The Crow
  5. Fooling
  6. Tales That Old Road (Feat. Belush)
  7. Soul Cage
  8. Fullfill
  9. Away (Feat. Lou)
  10. Let’s Set Sail  (Feat. Geoffrey Bouyge)
  11. Hooked
  12. All In Good Time
  13. Wind Cracks The Barn
  14. That’s What She Said